The Result of ENTRANCE TEST 2018

Course Name:PhD(Physical Education)

S.No Roll No Candidate Name Father Name Sex DOB Category* Total Test Marks# Result UG and PG Marks(%)
1 5454007 INDRA PAL SINGH JASBANT SINGH M 1991-07-05 GEN 53 QualifiedUG-70
2 4454003 SUNITA KORI SHYAMLAL KORI F 1984-05-06 SC 52 QualifiedUG-63.33
3 5454001 AJIT KUMAR YADAV RAM KRIT RAM YADAV M 1990-09-30 OBC 51 QualifiedUG-77.19
4 5454008 NISHA RAM DHARI SAROYA F 1990-05-02 OBC 51 QualifiedUG-65.5
5 1454005 TARA SINGH DHARM SINGH M 1980-06-30 GEN 49 Not QualifiedUG-50.44
6 2454002 ROOBY CHANDOLA JANARDAN PRASAD CHANDOLA F 1993-11-02 GEN 49 Not QualifiedUG-78.58
7 5454004 DEVENDER PAL SINGH HARPAL SINGH M 1986-03-12 GEN 49 Not QualifiedUG-44.25
8 1454001 ABHISHEK NEGI B.S NEGI M 1992-01-29 GEN 48 Not QualifiedUG-76.08
9 1454002 ATUL UNIYAL BUDHI BALLABHA UNIYAL M 1985-08-05 GEN 43 Not QualifiedUG-77.58
10 4454002 MANJU BIRENDRA LAL F 1980-06-10 SC 40 Not QualifiedUG-44.22
11 2454001 GAURAV SINGH SATE SINGH M 1983-08-15 GEN 37 Not QualifiedUG-56.27

#Test marks displayed are based on the response of OMR sheet filled by the candidates and the key provided by the respective subject paper setter. If any discrepancy is found in the test result, the same may be reported to the Coordinator,M.Phil/Ph.D Entrance Examination 2018 in written before the Counselling Date fixed by the Department
* Subjected to Verification from the Original Document

Coordinator- Entrance Test 2018